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Manufacture and Sales of high quality custom springs

Huadi Spring Company is a certified ISO9001 custom spring manufacturer of small or large compression springs, heavy-duty extension springs, torsion springs, wave springs and wire forms.


Our core team has over thirty years’ experience in spring design and manufacturing.

Huadi Spring is committed to the quality and precision of the springs and services provided to its customers.
Huadi Spring is a reliable spring supplier and partner you can count on in China.
All information of springs, raw material, equipment and operator is traceable per batch number.

Recent Projects

How We Do Our Work Process!


Coiling is our largest department. From reliable cam driven machines to new CNCs.

Grinding & Tumbling

Grinding & Tumbling is often needed to finish the parts to the physical specifications. 

Part Cleaning & Finishes

Part Cleaning & Finishes is often the final step. We offer passivation of stainless steel, painting, color coding.


Packaging is more diverse than one would think. Some springs are just placed in a box.

Our Partners

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